Written by: Kathryn Gober
Cover photo: Mersiv Sound Project on soundcloud.com

There is power in numbers, and NKODB ruthlessly acknowledges this reality in two genre-defying tracks crafted by Mersiv, Laika Beats, and Knat Turner. Released through the giant experimental-bass label Wakaan, this trio of musicians combines rap vocals with extraterrestrial melodies and riddim-inspired saws to craft a unique sound.

A bass-heavy homage to hip-hop with a Rick and Morty twist, the artistic trio calls listeners to get shwifty in “New Kids On Da Block.” The melody line is reminiscent of mid-toned lasers, popping off in the build up to the heavily distorted, riddim-style drops. 

“Forward momentum… turn it up, let’s keep it moving.” Incorporating slicing risers with a heavy kick and snare, “Dopamine” inspires the need to head bang to the gift of a driving rhythm. A track intended to build the energy on the dance floor, the trio invested a tangibly heavy vibe into this track.

NKODB EP varies greatly from the style of sound more recently created by Mersiv in Digital Eden. The influence of Laika Beats seems to have renewed the driving energy of older Mersiv tracks, tied together with a red ribbon of Knat Turner‘s intensive rap verses. The message in these tracks is clearly one of crowd hype, and the propulsive soundscape certainly delivers.

Connect with the Artists on Soundcloud:
Mersiv | Laika Beats | Knat Turner

Posted by:Kathryn Gober

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