Written by: Kathryn Gober
Cover photo by: Rahul


Communities are built on the foundation of connection to others, whether over a shared emotion, political stance, past experience, or active interest. Together, the members of the worldwide EDM community create a haven for individuality, self-expression, and personal growth. Every member of the community is responsible for the impact that the community has on outsiders, and its own members.

Within our EDM family, the motto of “Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect” has spread far and wide since the 1990’s. This motto is an encapsulation of a shared intention, a foundation of communal growth. Applying “PLUR” to your words and actions facilitates positivity within the populace.  

Why do our words and actions matter?

Just as positive words and actions raise the collective vibration, negative actions and words degrade the foundation of a community.

Every word that you speak in conversation, Facebook post, or Twitter comment directly impacts and influences other people – and their opinion of you. Anything spoken or written cannot be rescinded, and the energy you exerted is free to uplift (or wreak havoc in) the realities of others. You can judge the impact of your words and actions by the response received from your audience. When our actions garner a negative response, it is usually because of negativity that was first expended.

A crucial factor to building a successful, uplifting community is fostering the undeniable connectedness of multiple individuals.

Experiencing life together through music
Photo by: @Wendy

At two years old, an infant begins to recognize their own individuality. They recognize themselves in the mirror, begin using terms such as “me” or “mine,” and begin to create a mental picture of themselves according to what distinguishes themselves from others. This self-awareness grows as one ages, and constructs an ego unique to one’s self. 

As we age and achieve goals, succeeding in our dreams and plans, two paths open.

One path leads to a point of aloneness, a total separation of ourselves from others, and an over-awareness of our own value. Overinflated self-awareness separates one from their own humanity and dulls the ability to perceive the value of others, creating a world in which the individual is the only entity that matters. 

The other path, however, exists according to one’s ability to recognize a shared humanity with other people. Everyone struggles, everyone learns, and everyone experiences a wide array of emotions. In these facts, we are all human, and we are all equally valuable.

So, how can we use awareness to influence our musical community in a positive manner? 

LOVE Hands
Photo by: @rawpixel.com on pexel.com

By allowing ourselves to see our likeness in others, we become aware of their value as human beings. Music is a powerful tool for connecting individuals through shared emotions, causing them to physically vibrate at similar frequencies. When we are experiencing a song at full volume, dancing in a crowd of other people perceiving the same sounds, we become aware that our existence is not one of solidarity – but one of community. Every person experiences life, and therefore every person deserves respect for their own existence. In respecting each other, we in turn respect the whole community.

While self-awareness is key to growing yourself, acknowledging the importance and worth of others is crucial to fostering healthy relationships, and an uplifting community.

You are in control of your own mind, body, and spirit. Your actions matter. Your words impact others. You decide if you leave a positive impact, or a negative one. Act in Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect, and you will experience a better existence. 

Love & Light

Here are some resources for recognizing and managing your ego:

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