Written by: Kathryn Gober
Cover photo: Mystic Grizzly on Facebook.com

The time is NOW. A new era is upon us, my brothers and sisters…”

Mystic Grizzly (a.k.a Jordan Hoffman) completely stepped up the intensity of his musical production in his newest EP release on Bassrush Records, A New Existence. These three incredibly immersive and driving tracks are in sharp juxtaposition to the melodic notes of calming tracks released in his last album, Satellite Work. He artfully employs open space and mystical vocals in every track to draw attention towards the staggering drops, leaving the audience slathered with an earful of wobbly goodness. Summoning all wooks and lightworkers alike.

A familiar call to action, harkening back to his previous album, rings out in “Golden Age” to begin this new journey of sound: “The time is NOW. A new era is upon us, my brothers and sisters…”. In this track you will find yourself immersed in a vast soundscape of space-age sounds, serrated risers, and melodic woodwind notes. Mystic Grizzly flawlessly merges the worlds of space and the forest through an intense, classical drum kit and heavily wobbly melodies.

Photo: Mystic Grizzly on Facebook.com

“A New Existence” begins with intriguing ambient sounds and a deep, distorted voice stating, “You are about to learn about a new existence. An alien life form that has never been discovered.” The first drop hits hard with convoluted elements scattered rhythmically, and drives into the second drop with the cohesion of a bouncy lead accentuated by spaceship-esque blips and bloops. The third part of this song incorporates a surprising hip-hop drum break, and proceeds to break the beat down farther, all within four minutes of bass-dripping goodness.

The conglomeration of alien noises continue through “Eradication,” with a human voice warning “Repeat, we have a visual… keep all civilians outside the perimeter.” This last track incorporates various scalings of pitch, up and down in a full range of driving sound. The intensity of the album peaks in this track, sucking you into a void of alien intelligence and human screams.

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Posted by:Kathryn Gober

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