Written by: Kathryn Gober
Cover photo: Mau5trap.com

Unearthed from the everlasting inspirations of “classic modern techno,” the brooding masterpiece that is Ultraviolet 2.0 emerged. A wormhole of seething synthesizers and throbbing rhythmic pulsations, Sian masterfully balances darkness with depth on his latest Mau5trap release.

The intentionally definitive elements in “Planets” resonate with extreme precision – each sound encapsulates a masterfully crafted vibration. Simply put, the production quality of this track is undeniably wonderful. Sian melds staccatoed chords and oscillating melodies with wonderfully sharp snares, delving deep into a dismal playground of low frequencies.

“Opium” ferries the album’s dark energy to a whole new depth, crafting a feeling of high anticipation through tasteful white noise and lulling, yet emotionally evoking chord progressions. This track emerges from its depths only to warn you of the next impending dive. 


Employing carefully blended industrial soundscapes, “Nitro” emerges with a blanket of catatonic mechanical synthesizers. The arpeggiated bridge melody is a breath of fresh air amongst the murky mire, but the ghoulish grasp of the darkness immediately cuts through and entrances one’s eardrums.

Ultraviolet 2.0 creates an artistic journey of deep emotion, leading the listener into an intensively crafted realm. It is no wonder that Sian has a following of over 40,000 listeners, spellbound by his seething sounds.

Connect with Sian:
Soundcloud | Octopus Recordings | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Posted by:Kathryn Gober

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