Written by Victoria Garces & Nathen Lane

“The time has now come where we feel like we have to write our own individual chapters in life and continue down separate paths of greatness.”

Laying down the foundation for MANY trap artists now, the duo DJ Lukey and Jelacee, the UK-based Stööki Sound announced via Twitter that the duo was no more and are splitting up.

With massive tracks and collaborations by numerous artists such as HU₵₵IMura MasaMr. Carmack, and Troyboi. Stööki Sound has officially stepped down to pursue their own directions of music. They explained into detail the reasons Stööki wanted to go separate ways. In my opinion, I completely get it; but it is very sad news for many that were big supporters of their music, let alone the trap scene as we knew it.

Stööki Sound was known world wide for their mixture of UK-Style, Trap and Grime; which is a popular sub-genre of rap music in the UK. Being in the Trap scene for years, Stööki Sound had made a name for themselves with each release. The community went down on one knee, and took their hats off after the duo made their final announcement.

Taken From Stööki Sound’s Twitter


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Jelacee’s Instagram | DJ Lukey’s Instagram | Stooki

Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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