Photos and article by Nathen Lane

On August 22, 2019, Samplifire released his latest EP, Infection, on Disciple Round Table.

The 4-track EP is filled with heavy dubstep and high pitch screeches, along with Samplifire’s signature sound. We got teased a little with Samplifire playing some of these tunes in his Bassrush Mix that was released 5 months ago.

Photo by Nathen Lane

The first track that really got my attention was, “Better Bounce.” This song is full of high pitched sounds along with massive bass-kicks when the beat drops. This song is my favorite because of its rhythmic dubstep sounds throughout the track.

The next track off the EP is, “Dirty.” This track has a metal spin-off with a beautiful blend of Samplifire’s unique dubstep sounds along with house-like beats at the end of the track.

The third track off the EP is, “Infection.” This track reminds me of some older Samplifire sounds, but brings in that new form of rail-riding, head banging dubstep.

The last track off the EP is Samplifire’s collaboration with MVRDA, “Kyle.” You can really distinguish the two specific sounds of dubstep from both MVRDA and Samplifire. The song is promising with large womps and more high pitch dubstep noises.

Photo by Nathen Lane

Overall, the, Infection EP that Samplifire released is definitely a heater. Each track is promising with heavy bass and dubstep sounds. If you haven’t heard of Samplifire before, you are most certainly missing out. Be sure to tune into what he’s up to, as he might even play at a venue near you!

Be sure to check out the EP release if you haven’t done so yet.



Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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