written by – Tyler Howard

Enter Martin Staaf, the man behind Wakaan, the Space Boss, the Liquid Stranger himself. Since 2003, Liquid Stranger has been a pioneer for the experimental bass music that is currently taking over music festivals across the world. Between his own legacy, his 30 track Infinity album, and his first year Wakaan Festival happening at Mulberry Mountain, Martin has been keeping himself very busy.

Earlier at the beginning of the year, Martin concluded his Infinity Tour. Acts included, Lucii, G-Rex, Champagne Drip, and LSDream, all members of the Wakaan Family. This tour promoted his latest 30 track album, Infinity. We’re not talking about an EP with 4 songs, or the route most artists take with single after single. The album puts its listeners on a roller coaster ride of emotions. From the melodic void that is space, to tracks that hit harder than a meteor shower, fans everywhere can find a track that fits their EDM mood for the day. 

In less than a month, Liquid Stranger will be kicking off the first year of Wakaan Festival. A festival title that can only describe the vibe to be found on this 3 day camping festival hosted by Mulberry Mountain. Acts included all have ties to the label itself. The label doesn’t actually sign artists. The artists that are to be of Wakaan are to be considered family. Fans will be able to experience over 53 artists, all with a release with Wakaan, of the most unique, experimental sounds to be heard. Although he has never had his own festival, Liquid Stranger is no stranger to festivals around the world.

If you wish to know more about Martin, one should dive into the message his label carries. As stated previously, Wakaan does not sign artists to its label. This was stated on his Facebook group, Liquid Stranger Family. He stated that the message behind Wakaan is to not let an individual feel confined with their artistic expression through one label. In fact, the label itself represents the message behind his alias. A home to embody the wide variety of sounds that is electronic dance music. I suggest you put on your space suit, grab a friend, and embody the wide variety of emotions Liquid Stranger will put you through at Wobbleland: Dallas and be sure to check out his latest release September 10th, “Jungle Juice,” with the legendary duo Ganja White Night!

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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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