Devastation struck at a local Walmart in El Paso, Texas on the morning of August 3rd, 2018. A gunman shot and killed 22 innocent people. This act of domestic terrorism and cowardice is nothing new in America, and is seemingly part of the American status quo. As of recently, a huge wave of shootings has broken out and has left the country wondering where we went wrong. Many, many people came together to aid the community for every one of these events. Communities join forces and work hard to rebuild the morality of the broken families.

El Paso residents, Riot Ten and NAZAAR merged together and brainstormed how they can give back to their West Texas community. They decided to do what they do best, throw the f*ck down and showcase up and coming artists. Manifesting the love for the community and pain from tragedy, the duo had only roughly 2 weeks to plan an event this huge to commemorate the victims. The two blessed us all with a stacked AF line up at the local El Paso venue, Green Door, and pumped the crowd full of bass in a night we’ve been re-living in our minds ever since.

BAILO b2b NAZAAR; photo by Victoria Garces

The line up had acts from all up and down El Paso and surrounding areas. Acts like Hypnotic, CYBRPNK, BLVKKHVRT, and Angel Valentin come out to show out for their hometown and the victims. Good friend of Riot Ten and NAZAAR, BAILO traveled from his new home in Houston, Texas to show love and appreciation to those whose families have one piece of their puzzle missing.

photo by Victoria Garces

Under Riot Ten and NAZAAR, and assistance from the Green Door, our massive collaboration of teams raised $18,000 for those affected by a boy influenced by hateful, not to mention false, rhetoric. From security to front door, to merch and photography, everyone on the teams stepped up to the plate as well to make sure everyone at the show enjoyed their time to the absolute fullest ability.

pictures by NXDVisuals & Victoria Garces


The TRILLVO team is so blessed to have been part of such a wonderful and meaningful event. From pushing those on rail to go harder to grabbing water for those that seemed to need some, we were all so excited and happy to have been apart of something greater than ourselves.

Our hearts go out to all the victims of the El Paso and Dayton shootings.


Posted by:Chase Wilson

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