Photo and article written by Nathen Lane

Disciple Records released their fifth version of their Alliance series this week; with collaborations from artists such as Virtual Riot, Infekt, PhaseOne, 12th Planet, Bandlez, and a handful more.

With the release of, Alliance Vol. 5, this EP is full of heaters made by a wide selection of bass-heavy artists. Through a plethora of unique sound designs, Disciple has brought some of the biggest producers to collaborate and release on this EP. Disciple had been releasing multiple teasers of the songs being released from the EP days leading up to the official date.

There were a few tracks that really caught my attention from the EP. The first one being the collaboration between Virtual Riot & Infekt called, “Das Riddim.” Both Virtual Riot and Infekt‘s unique dubstep sounds and style have blended together to really form a great track; a mixture of riddim and dubstep. Remember, all riddim is dubstep but not all dubstep is riddim. To find an even balance of both and put them in a song together as Virtual Riot and Infekt has done, I believe was executed masterfully. 

The next track that caught my attention, although in no particular order, was PhaseOne and Eliminates track, “Turtle Neck.” This one begins with sounds that will take you through a tunnel into an arena, where you face off your biggest foes to be met with high pitched sounds colliding with both dons of bass music.

The last track to really grab my attention from this EP was Barely Alive and Fox Stevenson‘s collaboration called, “Here We Go.” The collaboration between the two was nothing short of blending the old with the new. This track was definitely a favorite from the Alliance Vol. 5 release. Fox Stevenson‘s sound has always been one of my favorite dubstep sounds giving me nostalgia from it that was around between 2010-2015. With Barely Alive constantly releasing banger after banger, it’s to no surprise the collaboration was going to be intense.

Overall, I absolutely love the Alliance Vol. 5 EP released through Disciple Records. The EP is nothing shy of bass-heavy dubstep sounds that is bound to give you chills and energy.

Be sure to check out the EP for yourself down below if you haven’t done so already.


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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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