With the release of their 2nd EP, EDM married couple. Matt and Tessa, aka ARIUS come out with another set of BANGERS! This 4-track EP is a new twist on the classic headbangers they traditionally put out. The EP has new flavors and features with up and coming artists and even has Matt playing guitar!

picture from ARUIS Twitter

The title describes the track perfectly. The build up in ‘Bass Anthem’ is something out a movie scene. Guitar riffs that amp you up played by Matt get the momentum going for the track. The drop comes through with Catsro asking “Bassheads are you down or what?!” The heavy drop leaves you with a sore neck and a perma-stank face on you. Catsro slows it down to a trap vibes that brings it right back into a heavy hardcore breakdown.

With a Dracula like vibe, ‘Just Dance’ starts with ominous piano chords. The beat picks up and gives us more of a funky mid tempo feels. The synths roll in and has your body rockin’ to the rhythm ARIUS has painted out. LeRome Swiss guides you through the track with his melodic and soothing tone.

‘W The Gang’ is a house party trap vibez, this track with mixed with the Marky D‘s fluid bars, is a recipe for for a banger. Another rap forward track is ‘BANGIN’ with Born I, this track is if moobah had a trap cousin. This heavy track is one to pregame to the next function to for sure!

picture by Marco Rodriguez Lopez


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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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