Written by: Michael Placencia

NXSTY continues to have a busy year, especially with how many bangers he’s dropped so far. And this remix of SVRITE’s “Bands” attests to that while delivering some bass-growling goodness. SVRITE himself is beginning to blow up more in the Hip Hop world, and he and NXSTY are even confirmed to play Life In Color with RL Grime on November 15th! Now as for this remix, it starts out with that familiar grim Hip Hop beat from the original, but the drop gives you some wubby-like Trap that slaps. The Bass is the real star here, as it adds to that grimey sound. We’re usually used to NXSTY giving us those harder, screechier drops, but this is a welcome change of pace.

Photo Credit: Seth Ondrick

Not only did this remix drop, but the music video to this track is dropping simultaneously with it! You can view it below:

Both NXSTY & SVRITE definitely seem to be on a hot streak right now, so be sure to follow them on their socials below:


Soundcloud|Twitter|Spotify|Facebook|YouTube|NXSTY MFKAS Playlist


Soundcloud|YouTube|Spotify|Twitter|Facebook|Spotify Playlist

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