Written by Haley Darbonne

You’re going to have this album on loop for a MINUTE.

Riot Ten finally gave us the album we all have been patiently waiting for, and words do not even begin to describe how INSANE this album is. 10 tracks, 10 reasons to hail the name Riot Ten for years to come as this album is a glimpse into the growth the DJ has paved for himself over the years.

Dubstep? Rap? Riddim? Hardstyle and Hard Trap?! I mean? What else can you ask for in album? The man did not stop at anything to drop an album that is here to set the bar from the rest. With features coming out left and right, like TITUS on the ‘Bodies’ track to Atarii with Showdown in ‘Throwdown’ and even a VIP already stacked in with Whookilledkenny. But lets not forget the massive collabs with SAYMYNAME on ‘Glocks’ and YDG on ‘Hyphy’.

As we all know Riot Ten to bring the heat with his music and performances, this album sheds light on another side of the man behind the table and where he comes from and what makes him who he truly is. It’s raw, it’s loud, and it is all in your face and you’re going to appreciate Riot Ten all over again for his debut album.

“This album is literally who I am as a musician. It means everything to me. I’ve put out countless EP’s over the last 3 years, way too many singles to even count, so to finally deliver a full length album is a defining moment for my career and growth as an artist. This album will showcase my roots, as well as my energy, and I can’t wait to share it with the world.” – Riot Ten

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Posted by:Haley Darbonne

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