Written by Sina Watson

Ardalan has been spreading his funky tech-house remixes across the world for almost a decade. With collaborations with some of Dirtybird’s largest artist’s including Walker & Royce and Justin Martin, Ardalan is known for his groovy beats and infamous Ardy Pardy. Come November 1st, we’ll finally get to hear to his first full-length album debut off Dirtybird Records.

The album’s single release “I Can’t Wait,” is a duet with his girlfriend that was inspired by her  persistent begging that she “couldn’t wait any longer,” to watch Game of Thrones. While the song’s lyrics and meaning are open to the listener’s interpretation, the anticipation of waiting to watch GOT is highly relatable. The rest of the track echos the uncertainty and self doubt that many of us experience, with a melodic and techy back beat. We must wait a little bit longer for Dirtybird’s Ardalan’s debut album, but until then, his single release track “I Can’t Wait,” will hold us over.

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Posted by:Sina Watson

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