Photos by: Nathen Lane

Wobbleland just finished up another successful year, and BOY did they show out. With an absolutely stacked line-up, the sold-out one-day festival officially tattooed it’s name on every attendee there. From the atmosphere at the festival to the people you connected with through music, Wobbleland truly left it’s mark this year.

First off, let’s get this out of the way. The lineup this year was stacked, having headlining artists like Benda and Riot to start the show, to Adventure Club to close the festival out. Every act completely crushed it along with the massive production that came with it. The crowd was nothing short of buckwild all night. 2 of our favorite sets over this weekend were LSDream and Liquid Stranger, with the Wakaan boys grasping the crowd in the palm of their hand and twisting them around for their whole set.

Secondly, from Cromatik to Subtronics, from Riot to Adventure Club, everyone built off each other to create one of the heaviest nights I’ve been apart of. The production quality in each venue was amazing, and The Bomb Factory was booming all night. Each venue went hard all night, with Canton Halls smaller, homely vibe and Bomb Factory’s concert vibe mixing perfectly and providing everyone the space that fits them best.

I did notice that there was only one way to enter or exit your way to the second stage, causing major traffic from one stage to the other. On top of that, the second smaller stage would close it’s doors when it reached capacity, which caused a massive uproar by many festival-goers trying to see their favorite artists. A few artists were disappointed this happened, and are trying to make up for a decision that was out of their control. The doors were closed for many that were trying to see PhaseOne and Subtronics because of that stage room hitting capacity, when I know for a fact walking through the crowd there was tons of room left. Although, we do respect that it was only closed off for safety, we’re all in agreement that this venue won’t work for such a monster line-up next year.

Besides those things, overall the night ended in a success. According to the promoters working with Wobbleland, they WILL be moving to a LARGER venue for next year’s festivities! With bigger headliners every year and Wobbleland gaining a solid uptick each year, the festival has out-grown those venues. That shows just how successful the promotion teams that put this together are.

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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