Written by – Victoria Garces

With Imagine Music Festival entering it’s SIXTH year, they are pulling out more and more stops! Iris Presents has announced that Imagine will be expanding to four days, which will be accompanied by full music programming, more art installations, early arrival camping and better accommodations, and an extra day of fun!

So many companies are coming together to be apart of the Imagine experience! IHeartRaves is doing daily workshops to make sure you have the BEST time there. The beautiful unicorns of IHR will be providing some Karaoke, Totem and Kandi Making, Sack Races and other fun activities. Along with DETOX RETOX, which will be providing a couple Silent Disco sets, yoga sessions, Temple Knowledge and LIVE painting.

Along with expanding the days and activities, Imagine has upgraded their production and stage designs through out the grounds. We have the iconic Oceania stage with all the main acts, the mysterious Amazonia stage, the hot, hot stage that is the Disco Inferno stage with a Dirtybird and GRAVEDANCER take over happening, Aeria/Six Feathers stage with all your trance needs, a Silent Disco and the latest addition to the Imagine stage family, the TechYES 360 Stage!

-Stage Takeovers-

Imagine Music Festival has a bunch of takeovers happening through the weekend. Including a brand new stage added, TECHYES 360. A 360 stage with a full Techno lineup! We’re so interested in how this stage is going to be set up. Filling up some empty space from last year, the stage is full of artists you need to know! Ciszak, Dr. Boom, Hunter Reid, Lee K and many, many more!

If you’re familiar with the works of Tipper,
Sunday is gonna be a takeover you do not wanna miss out on! With LIVE visuals being played out and artists like Detox Unit, Jade Cicada and Thirftworks this is going to be a special takeover to close out the Amazonia Stage.

Dirtybird Players take it over on Sunday night with their fat and sexy beats. Justin Martin, Justin Jay, and Daddy Dirtybird himself, Claude VonStroke come together to close out the evening on the Disco Inferno stage.

For those camping and those who get to Atlanta early, Imagine will be opening up on Thursday for a pre-party, in a sense. The line up is stacked with a B3B of Sullivan King, Kai Wachi, and Kompany. You also have Throwdown and Blunts & Blondes, which are two producers you need be on the lookout for and keep in your repertoire! Along with Space Jesus closing out the night, the stage is going to be a great way to kick off the weekend.

Considerable accommodations have been made in the camping side of Imagine as well. They have expanded the sites and have offered QUBE camping, a new way to camp at a festival! The QUBES are already put up upon arrival and broken down whenever you leave. They have netting, blacked out interior, are located in VIP camping, an air mattress and linens provided and have air conditioning!

The teams over at Imagine have been working since the last firework set off in 2018. Adding TWICE as many water stations, you’ll be sure to stay hydrated through the weekend! Day time activities, more art installations, new food options to please our fellow vegan and vegetarian friends, upgraded bathrooms and showers in camping AND brand new merch!

We are so excited to come back to Imagine and see what Imagine has brought for us. Making an imprint in the festival circuit, this is one of those festivals you’re going to wanna come back to every year!

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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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