Written by: Erik Gonzalez

Almost 12 years ago, Alix Perez, a famous drum and bass artist from the UK, was interviewed alongside fellow DnB artist, Friction, by a UK EDM website. In the interview, Alix was asked if he had any aspirations of starting his own label, which Alix responded with saying “Most definitely at some point….I’m still developing as an artist and I’m allowing myself to explore the music.”

Photo(from FB): Asia Ella

Fast forward to September 2019, Alix drops his most recent EP Phantonym, acting as 1985 Music’s 20th release, the record label started by Alix himself in 2016. 

Cover art for Alix Perez’s Phantonym EP
Created by Teo Treloar (IG: @teo_treloar_drawing)

He starts this EP by pulling you into his seductive drum and bass sounds with “Trinity,” a resilient and minimal tune that perfectly sets the tone. He then leaves you breathless going into “Phantonym,” where he beautifully drops in eerie-like hypnotic sounds while still presenting his jungle DnB signature style in its best form. The last two songs, “SWRV” and “Vibrations,” present a heartfelt connection to his smooth-running drum and bass roots and beautifully exemplifies how perfectly he implements his love for soul/R&B into this EP. This release, both in full bloom and proceeding from his great deal of knowledge behind music, beautifully captures Alix, 1985 Music, and the sounds within the genre. Buy or download the full Phantonym EP here now. Or click the soundcloud playlist below to have a listen now!

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Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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