Photos and Article by Nathen Lane

FuntCase releases his latest 4-track EP, Next Chapter, on Circus Records.

Photo taken by Nathen Lane

After a 6-year space since his last major release, FuntCase has released an EP that surely lives up to his persona. With terrorizing dubstep and bone-chilling chords in his collaboration with Dani Poppitt , FuntCase’s Next Chapter EP is marvelous in more ways than one. Being one of the dons of dubstep music FuntCase has definitely created something special, something from the heart. You can tell how much this release meant to him as he talked about it on his Twitter.

After listening to the tracks on Next Chapter, all of them impressed me. My favorite track off the EP has to be his collaboration with Dani Poppitt, “Without.” When Dani speaks out about, “Something you can’t live without,” the dubstep undertones along with spine-chilling chords really speak to me. I believe this may be one of FuntCase’s favorites as well off the EP. I can see how excited he was to work on this collaboration. This is a lot different than what he has created in the past; and I’m all for it. Hearing FuntCase’s signature sound blending meticulously with Dani’s vocals really got my attention. It’s dubstep like this that I believe will really grab any listener.

The next track off the EP that got my attention was “Devastation.” This track has that FuntCase signature terrorizing sound written all over this one. With samples and buil-ups that keep you on your toes, this track is nothing short of what he is all about. “Devastation” has tons of high-pitch noises along with heavy-hitting bass that is promising to make your back ache.

Photo taken by Nathen Lane

After “Devastation, “I absolutely loved his collaboration with Flakzz, called “Get Em.” This collab surely brought out the best of both worlds into one beautiful track. With an upbeat type rhythm, you can assume right off the bat what this track is all about. Whenever I listen to this track it’s as if I’m playing a video game, one in which I’m in a race against time to get to the finishing line; as I finish off fighting any foes that dare stand in my way.

The last track off the EP that I really enjoyed was his well-awaiting collaboration with Versa called, “Death Stomp.” The collaboration has more high-pitch noises along with neck-breaking sounds that is sure to keep you at the rail. After covering the Wobbleland Festival in Dallas in the previous weeks, it’s without a doubt FuntCase was so stoked to put this out. Seeing his stage presence when this song was played was absolutely incredible; as I’m sure it’ll make you feel the same as well.

Photo taken by Nathen Lane

Overall, Next Chapter is an EP that I would recommend to anyone who has a love for bass music. Track after track after track, FuntCase has brought his new direction to the table and his fans, including myself, support it 100%. I was very impressed on this EP release; along with his direction in his project.

With this EP release comes his announcements about his upcoming tour. Be sure to catch the tour if he stops at a venue near you. Do you have what it takes to ride the rail at his shows? The real question is…do you think you can go harder than FuntCase?

Taken off FuntCase’s Facebook

Be sure to listen to his latest release to see what you think of the EP


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