The experimental bass duo, sfam, just dropped their new Shadows EP via Wakaan and it’s full to the brim of forward-thinking, out-of-the-box creativity, and uniqueness that accurately identifies what sfam does musically. From the team up with Mersiv & quaviusblack on the wubby-and-weird “Don’t Test Me,” to the mind-blowing collaboration with TVBOO on “Uponmuh,” and even to the tutoring session we’re given on “Lessons in sfam,” as well as the mind-blowing title track “Shadows,” Shadows EP brings the weird, the wobble, the wubs, and more straight from their experimenting brains to the masses.

Don’t Test Me” brings the weird out hard, and being a collab between the experimental sfam and the professor of all things weird & dark aka Mersiv, you knew it was going to sound special.sfam says that “the collab with Mersiv took a while because of both our schedules being so busy and we don’t live near each other but we’re very happy we waited for it to be finished.“We’re so glad that it never fell through! Be prepared to get into your weird-zone before you press play! Of course, with “Uponmuh” being a collab between sfam and TVBOO, the collab “was full of trash talking (like usual)” but sfam says that “we’re really excited about how it came out”. I personally have been cranking this up to full volume throughout my house whenever it comes on, because it just comes with so much damn energy.


Working with rapper quaviusblack was a first for the duo, but they had nothing but praise for the man. “quaviusblack brought a couple of the tunes to life vocally like he always does. he’s the only rapper we’ve ever had on any of our tracks and we know we can always count on him to come through with some fire”. And come through with the fire, he did.

Make sure you press the play button above and give this EP a listen, I’m completely floored at just how good, how creative, and how unique sfam’s music is, and “Shadows” is no exception.

Connect with sfam

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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