Lost Lands Music Festival is back for another year and this year’s Kannibalen Records lineup is stacked

Since 2017, Lost Lands Music Festival has brought diverse talent from all around the world to Legend Valley in Thornville, OH. Lost Lands in not just a festival, it is a family of artists and music enthusiasts from all corners of the world. Kannibalen Records is no stranger to building organic communities of fans and this year they are sending over their best talent to melt minds at this year’s prehistoric paradise of bass and dub.

Kannibalen Records is a family of well rounded artists who push the status quo of songwriting and sound design together. Founded in September 2011 by Montreal electro act Black Tiger Sex Machine, Kannibalen Records is one of the world’s fastest rising independent EDM record labels. The imprint focuses on releasing innovative, tasteful bass music and cultivates a sense of family by working closely with a select group of artists (read more below on their latest music).


Coming off their official remix for Illenium x Excision’s “Gold” single, Black Tiger Sex Machine are releasing their highly anticipated record “Everything.” Just ahead of BTSM’s return to Lost Lands, the Montreal trio’s collaboration with Brisbane’s TMRRW and the US vocalist Micah Martin will drop on BTSM’s label Kannibalen Records.

Photo Credit: BTSM

“Everything” takes elements from the world of rock and smashes them together with electro for an all out anthem. Micah’s powerful metal-inspired vocal is enough to get a crowd energized, but BTSM and TMRRW kick things into high gear with their production that blends tight musicality with headbanging bass.

Kai Wachi

Kai Wachi’s highly anticipated debut LP, DEMIGOD, has finally landed. DEMIGOD sees the Boise producer bring all his usual signatures to the next level, while also venturing into new sonic territories to show just how much of a creative beast he is.

Photo Credit: Edm.com

Kai Wachi’s twelve track project delivers a divine dose of bass throughout, however mixed in between the gargantuan growls and wicked basslines are softer compositional moments that flex Kai’s uncanny ability for emotional songwriting. DEMIGOD came together with input from friends including Famous Dex, Sullivan King, Grabbitz, Virus Syndicate, Sam King, Ylti and more.


Just ahead of his set at Lost Lands, Lektrique has dropped his infectious two track EP entitled Night Fall. On top of his EP, the Kannibalen Radio host pushed out the 155th episode of the series with a guest mix from SWARM.

Photo Credit: Edm.com

Night Fall gets started with a bass-boosted blast of energy thanks to “Full Throttle” which sees Lektrique pair up with a new act on the scene MIDNIGHT CVLT. Following up this electrifying single is the electro house title track “Night Fall” that Lektrique closes things out in his own epic fashion.


Riding a massive wave of success following his second studio album ‘Wild Youth’, in addition to his nearly fully sold-out ‘Wild Youth’ tour, Dabin now returns with a full remix LP. Featuring seventeen reworks from a refreshing variety of genres within the dance music space, fans can now experience Dabin’s brainchild in an entirely new way. The Toronto native’s signature melodic sound has been remixed by an abundance of extremely talented artists, starting off with Duumu, a 20-year-old French producer. His rework of ‘Another Day’ sets the tone for the LP with an unmistakable electro-pop flair. ‘Rings & Roses’, which garnered a wide array of attention throughout the ‘Wild Youth’ tour is tackled by Anki and Slippy who both completely transform the track with future bass inflections and dark brooding undertones. ‘Lights’ is reinvigorated with an electrifying remix from Fransis Derelle, and Covex X Last Heroes who exemplify the records’ already existing infectious melody. ‘Youth’ sees a dramatic makeover from Sam Lamar and Sober Rob, as the once indie leaning ballad now features heavy bass elements.

Photo Credit: Dabin (Twitter)

Album standout ‘Alive’ is reconstructed by MitiS and Trivecta who take euphoric approaches to the emotive classic, featuring wildly infectious drops and addictive synth lines. Other remixes include ‘Part-Time Lover’ reworked by Crystal Skies, ‘Altitude’ by Ray Volpe and WE ARE FURY, ‘In Flames’ by Astrale and Inukshuk, ‘Home’ by Mazare, and ‘Bloom’ by IHF and Nurko. The Remix LP sees a large group of talented producers spanning the globe reinterpret Dabin‘s most successful project to date. Keep any eye out for Dabin at Lost Lands where he will be performing as Dab The Sky with his friend and roommate (Said The Sky).

Sullivan King:

Sullivan King is back in a huge way with his new EP Reckless / Breathless. Each track shows off both sides of Sullivan King’s creative edge with one exemplifying his hardcore tendencies and the other taking a softer, more emotional approach.

Photo Credit: RUKES.com

“Reckless” kicks things off into high gear with electrifying metal riffs and some of the most aggressive bass Sullivan has dished out to date. “Breathless” sees Sullivan’s alternative style that fans have glimpsed here and there throughout his career. Now he’s taking that style to the next level with the promise of more to come!

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