Next week kicks off the inaugural, much anticipated and long awaited, Wakaan Festival. The festival was created straight from the heart of Martin Staaf, better known as Liquid Stranger, and takes place on Mulberry Mountain in Ozark, Arkansas. The Wakaan Mothership touches down in Earth’s atmosphere starting next Wednesday, 10/2/2019, for those who got the early arrival passes. The passes offer you exclusive access into the pre-party which is stacked beyond imagination. The head honcho himself, Liquid Stranger, will be doing a throw back dubstep set to close out what is surely to be a historic night. Peep the full lineup below to plan all your travels into the wubz dimension accordingly.
For all the travelers through reality that are camping out and fully making Wakaan their home for the week, make sure you sort your recyclables and bag up your trash! As part of their leave no trace initiative, Wakaan has teamed up with the For Site Group to offer a special raffle. For each bag of trash you bring them or sorted recyclables you will gain a raffle ticket. Prizes have yet to be announced but you can already bet its gonna be packed full of goodies we are ALL going to want. So pick up after yourself and show the planet you care!
Now let’s break down these cosmic dimensions we will all be traversing. Wakaan is coming in stacked with three stages: Halo, Chakra and Aura. The Chakra and Aura stages will be powered by the infamous PK Sound. Things over at Halo will be ran by none other than Hennessey Sound Design; who are bringing EIGHTEEN Battleaxe subwoofers! Jaenga Bus will be right along side their bigger siblings melting perceptions representing the Aura stage. Hearing your favorite up-and-coming artists rocking out from the rooftop or inside a school bus is a whole vibe in and of itself, so highly recommend stopping by to check it out for yourself. Halo and Chakra will be your late night vibes rocking from 2AM-7AM while Aura will be your day time turn up from NOON-2AM. Each stage will feature its own personal vibe which can best be described by the king himself:

Thursday starts the abduction of consciousness off early with sets from, one of my personal favorites, LSDREAM, Ott, SAYER, sfam – peep their latest EP release hereEsseks and plenty of others ready to expand your mind. Friday continues the probing with Dirt Monkey, Infinity Tour Alums – G-rex and Lucii, Jansten, Space Jesus, Peekaboo and that’s barely the tip of the iceberg. Tvboo will also be doing a set, a b2b with Shanghai Doom, AND a special stand up set – if you’ve ever seen his Tvboo Talks series you know EXACTLY what to expect.

Before returning us to our home dimensions our minds will be completely rewired Saturday. It is almost as if we are getting warmed up all weekend for the full mind melting nature of a lineup that is the final day. Boogie T, Champagne Drip, Hydraliux, Luzcid, Mersiv, Rusko, Subtronics and more will be blasting their personal unique frequencies to call out to our spiritual vibrations and awaken our third eyes.

Peep the full set times below.

Inside the fest you’ll be treated to the best vendors and food around. You can actually pre-order a charging pack/station through a partnership with SWFT to keep your phone charged up. You save $10 if you pre-order so if you think this is gonna be something you’re gonna want hit THIS link. The fest will feature multiple hydration fill stations throughout the grounds as well, so bring them hydration packs!


The good people at Wakaan recognize that many of us will be traveling in from far for the fest and took some necessary steps to ensure we are all fully prepared for the spiritual awakening. While you travel in for the fest you can keep your ear holes properly lubricated with the official Wakaan Music Festival Playlist out on Liquid Strangers Spotify.


We hope everyone gets to the Mountain safely and prepares for this journey into musical enlightenment properly! We definitely can’t wait to be there and have our Chakras realigned, our Aura’s reignited and Halo’s crowned upon us.

Wakaan will be nothing short of a musical renascence.

For the full list of FAQ’s check out the official site.

Be sure to check back for the official fest map and other information next week!

See You On The Mountain

Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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