Written by Haley Darbonne

Well, doesn’t look like we are going to catch a break anytime soon with Flume, as he ONCE AGAIN drops another track that is nothing less than the best for the big time Flume fans themselves. It’s like Christmas morning every time an alert pops up for another song on the way from the Australian native DJ.

“Rushing Back” with vocals by Vera Blue is absolutely beautiful beyond words. Describing how time just slips away and how we do not always enjoy what we have as it is in front of us. The song triggers the idea of reminiscing on favorable memories and wishing you can go back to moments that made you happy.

One incredibly puzzling thing about this track is that the beat is the same that was featured in Flume’s mixtape “Hi, This is Flume” which was debuted back in March. A clue maybe as to what other upcoming music he has in store for us? Or just a rhythm that was too incredible to not focus into another song? Who knows, and who cares, just play this song as loud as you can as well as sing along to the heartwarming lyrics.



Posted by:Haley Darbonne

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