Written by Haley Darbonne

Two absolute heavy DJs collabed to make a heavy hitting track that is destined to be the loudest and out of control song you listen to today. Jayceeoh has been wrapping up the Hardstyle/Hardtrap ride for quiet sometime and he drops just that along with a twist of dubstep in this EP.

“Grand Slam” opens with an electric drum and bass with audio samples that makes you feel you’re sitting at a baseball game and someone just hit a grand slam, but with all the excitement as if you’re really entering a WWE match. The song dips into some heavy hardstyle rhythm as well as maintaining the chords of all the dubs.

All I am saying about this track is that it better be played on about a hundred different Halloween mixes next month because this baby is PRETTY creepy. “Exodus” drops right into a haunting melody followed by a witch’s laugh as the track begins to speed up and settles into a taunting dubstep vibe. What stuck out the most was towards the end of the track, the dubstep gets cut, cue back the witch laughing, and then closes out with a lullaby. Strange, but enticing to say the least.




The Bloody Beetroots


Posted by:Haley Darbonne

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