Written by Sina Watson

On Tuesday September 24th, 2019 the electronic world stood still when Lane 8 announced not only a new album for January 2020, but also an accompanying tour and a new track!

Daniel, known by his stage name Lane 8, took to social media to spread his message of positive energy in a world surrounded by negativity.

“I am proud to announce that my third album, Brightest Lights, will be released January 10th, 2020.

we are so bombarded with negative energy these days that it is sometimes easy to forget all the beautiful and positive things that happen every day. however small or seemingly insignificant, Brightest Lights is about celebrating and embracing the ups and downs of life and trying to see the world in a positive light.

new music and new shows:


love, daniel”

Along with his album and tour announcement, Daniel gave us a tease of what’s to come in the new year with his track “Brightest Lights.” It seems like everything he creates radiates beautiful energy.  Staying true to his signature dreamy vocals echoing emotional lyrics, “Stars will gather round Just to be with you Love’s loudest sound

All the worlds just noise.”

Listen below

Tickets for his Brightest Lights Tour go on sale this Friday September 27th, 2019 10 am local time.

lane 8 tour

Connect with Lane 8

Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Posted by:Sina Watson

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