Written by Nathen Lane

The iconic swampmasta-flex, Boogie T. brought it back to his childhood with this 3-track EP release, “Sweet T.” on Drama Club Recordings

Taken Off Boogie’s Facebook

Boogie T. had teased the audience with his fire hip-hop flow before (Manhattan Mongoose Mix), and has finally released a 3-track EP that signifies his style and flow. This isn’t like anything Boogie T. has ever released before; and I absolutely love it.

The first track on the mini EP is his track, ” Soul Pad.” The track is a song I’d kick back with the homies, spark one up, and just hang out with this being played in the background. I loved his flow throughout the track. I can hear his nostalgia listening to this track as he states, “This is why I grew up doin’ this.”

The second track off the EP is Boogie’s collaboration with Kidd Love called, “Shook Crews.” This track has a more upstyle beat to it, with hard hitting lyrics that will get you and your friends up and bouncing around the room. Shook Crews definitely gave me that old school hip hop feel.

Taken off Boogie’s Facebook

The last track off the EP is his track, “Heaven.” The track has remixed Bruno Mars‘ beat, with Boogie T. Lyrics over it. Boogie goes off on this track, with my favorite lyrics, “If you want new friends then you’ll get a fake one.” I think Boogie really enjoyed making this track, as I’m sure the nostalgia was flowing right through him.

Overall, the, “Sweet T.” EP was amazing to say the least. Boogie T was able to bring his childhood memories back into his current reality.

Be sure to check out the EP down below.

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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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