Written by – Nathen Lane

Virtual Riot has released an 8-track EP on Disciple Records.

Taken from Virtual Riot’s Twitter

Throughout the EP, Virtual Riot has brought out his new direction in his stapled sound design, along with meticulous tracks one after another. After listening to every track. I absolutely love Virtual Riot‘s direction with his music. Seeing an artist evolve over time and truly discover their sound design is a wonderful thing.

The first of four tracks that really got my attention was Virtual Riot’s track, “Save Yourself.” The track is full of adrenaline-pumping build ups, led by neck-breaking drops. I have been noticing more music being released with delayed drops, and Virtual Riot surely did so; making the drop hit ten times harder.

The second track off the EP that really got my attention was Virtual Riot’s track, “Wallmonger.” With a rock/metal build up that gets finished into high-pitched drops, Wallmonger is surely a track to keep you at the rail. Every drop in the track hit harder than the previous, always keep me on my toes.

The third track off Virtual Riot’s EP that I really enjoyed is his track, “Self Checkout.” The track portrays Virtual Riot new sound design and style; making it really stand out to me. The track isn’t as heavy-hitting as some others off the EP, but it nonetheless is just as unique.

The last track off the EP that really stood out to me was Virtual Riot’s track, “GOAT.” Valentin brought out the old and blended it beautifully with the new sound design he’s been working on. I absolutely loved this track, as it’s been one to cycle repeat a few times over.

Overall, Virtual Riot’s 8-track EP is most definitely one to take a listen to. The world-famous electronic artist has made a name for himself yet again. I’m excited to see Virtual Riot’s direction, as I’m sure you will be too.

Taken from Virtual Riot’s Twitter

Be sure to check out the Save Yourself EP below if you haven’t done so already

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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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