Written by: Michael Placencia

In case you haven’t heard, the Xwire project is nearing its end. But before it does, Xavier Diaz is giving us a penultimate release under SOCI, in the form of “Limit Buster.” The farewell EP Xwire has promised is well on its way, but for now we’ve been presented this new single as we wait. And it’s safe to say that “Limit Buster” will tide us over well with how insane it is! What’s most appreciated about this track is that nearly the entire first minute consists of guitar riffs and almost seems as if you’re listening to a full Rock/Metal song. That is, until a quick buildup flings you straight into Dubstep territory. This is the type of track you NEED to experience on a good sound system.

The Index Vol. II
Cover art by: Xavier Diaz

A very fun thing I love about this track is how well Xwire seamlessly traverses both Rock and Dubstep elements. If you’re a lover of any type of Rock music, you’ll appreciate that within this track. Same if you love Dubstep. But if you love both together? Well you’re definitely in for a treat. We’ve been told that this is one of THE LAST Dubstep tracks we’ll ever hear from Xwire. If that’s the case, then we’re satisfied knowing that Xwire is most certainly going out with a bang.

For more Xwire & SOCI, follow them on their socials below:

Xwire’s Socials: Soundcloud|Twitter|Instagram|Facebook

SOCI’s Soundcloud

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