Written by Erik Gonzalez

Solarstone proves himself to be the genius behind keeping the trance genre true to its roots in his latest release, “Sky”.

The song, released on Black Hole Recordings, can best be described as a healer because of how uplifting it is from start to finish. It starts with someone speaking about the sunset occurring in front of them, thus causing a sudden realization of the natural beauty of the universe. Solarstone keeps this same mood consistent with the rest of the song while still conjuring captivating build-ups.

The “Pure Trance” Movement, a pennant of Solarstones weekly radio show, record labels, and multiple events and stages around the world,  has committed itself to modernizing the genres heart and bringing together the many fans whom hold a special connection to Trance music. 

Wether or not you’re a fan of Trance, ‘Sky’ enchants every listener with a feel-good mood that makes you want to tilt your gaze to the sky and admire life itself. Click below to have a listen or click here to view all download and streaming portals!

Connect with Solarstone:

Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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