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Jorge Tascano released a collaboration with WKND BAES and BLUPILL called, “Blackout.”

The collaboration between Jorge. WKND, and BLUPILL has been one to tune in to. With a mixture of the three artists’ style, Blackout was formed.

“”BlackOut” is a project between the WKND BAES and I that started back sometime near end 2016. After many ideas, work, and multiple versions, we finally had arrived at something that represented both our brands collectively! “BlackOut,” is a hybrid hard-psy tune that mixes elements of trap bounce and happy hardcore along with heavy breakdowns with the amazing vocals provided by Blupill that drive the tunes energy! 3 energetic drops and switchups that will have your mind racing every second you listen.”

-Jorge Tascano

Taken off Jorge’s Facebook

San Antonio based DJ and multi – genre Music Producer, Jorge Toscano first entered the music world at the age of 14, where he originally began producing bigroom and progressive house. Overtime, Jorge has evolved into a more well rounded musician implementing influences of Rock, Hip Hop and Latin Music into his productions, creating a more unique and organic sound. Well known for his versatility when producing, he has adopted a carefree & fun mentality that sees to break the status quo of electronic music and put its focus into serving the dancefloor. Having many label releases under his belt, Jorge Toscano continues to create and shape the next wave of electronic music with genre-bending tracks and crossovers that will breathe a breath of fresh air into our ears.

Jorge Valera born in Caracas,Venezuela, raised in Miami,Florida, and Johnny Diaz born in Washington, DC and raised in Ibarra, Ecuador, Formed WKND BAES. Since 2016, they have hit the ground running. Since then they have accumulated over 3+ million streams on all platforms. What put them on the map musically, was their hit, “Dab” which also featured the talented producer dad, Adam Bomb. WKND BAES draws inspiration from a multitude of influences from the various cultures they were both raised in as both South Americans in American culture. With talent and passion on their side, these two are a force to be reckoned with.

Jared Andersen (aka BLUPILL) was born in Plantation, Florida on Friday the 13th. BLUPILL currently lives in Gainesville, Florida but he travels to Miami and New York on a monthly basis. BLUPILL began his music career producing and DJing electronic music under the alias, Mind Game. He made a ton of connections in this industry and still talks to many of them today. After years behind the computer and countless life-changing events, Mind Game was put to rest. Jared decided he needed to take a break from music to find himself as a person. About a year later, BLUPILL was born. It took him about 6 months behind the microphone to find his sound, but when he did, he knew it would be put to good use. He takes inspiration from two people: SCARLXRD and XXXTENTACION. Today, BLUPILL does vocals for trap, metal, and electronic music. Only a few months in, he has collaborated with CHXPO and Nyora Spouse, both of which have large followings.

Taken off Blu’s Facebook

Overall, I love this track. I think it has a well-blended mixture of different sub-genres of electronic dance music.

Be sure to check the track out for yourself to see what you think about this release.

Jorge Toscano

Facebook| Instagram| Twitter| SoundCloud


Facebook| Instagram| Twitter| SoundCloud


Facebook| Instagram| Twitter| SoundCloud| Spotify

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