Written by Sina Watson

Is there anything worse than the cops coming to bust your house party? While we may not be fan of cops in that moment, were definitely fans of TRICKR’s debut track ‘Cops.’ This wobbly house heater is filled with dark energy that is balanced out by playful overtones. The track begins with that all to familiar sound of sirens bouncing off bass house grooves. Soon we hear the radio report of a busted house party filled with all the perfect ingredients for a rager. The beat continues to build before dropping into deep and filthy basement house vibes.  ‘Cops’ is the first of three new singles from TRICKR set to drop this year.

“‘COPS’ is really about that moment when the police show up to break up a wild house party, you know…that ‘oh shit it’s the COPS’ moment. I got inspired by some old dancehall/reggaeton records and the way they use sirens as an instrument, so I wanted to make a track that used sirens as a sort of sonic theme. All the sirens reminded me of the days when my friends and I would throw house parties that would usually end up getting busted by the police, and that’s when pieces really started to come together. The track is meant to be fun and quirky but also dark, and heavy.“ – TRICKR

Listen to “Cops” here:

LA-based producer TRICKR is PRVSM‘s Scott Coleman’s new house project. Coleman started out playing in metal bands in high school, but after moving across the country for college, he became enamored with electronic music and began teaching himself to DJ and produce. It wasn’t long before he went from playing underground parties around campus to forming PRVSM, a duo with his close friend, to opening for Dillon Francis, Ghasty, A-Trak, Jayceeoh, and more. After his residencies at Arizona’s hottest clubs: The Mint, Maya, and Hi-Fi, Coleman moved to LA to attend the prestigious Icon Collective. His new artist project TRICKR is a moniker taken from his middle name “Tricker.” TRICKR is all about getting into some mischief, not taking life so seriously, and living in the moment. With plenty of tricks and lots of treats up his sleeve for remainder of 2019, Colemen is only getting started. TRICKR’s ‘Cops,’ are the only cops we want at our next house party. 

TRICKR Press 1

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Posted by:Sina Watson

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