Article written by Nathen Lane

Peekaboo and Calcium create a massive collaboration called, “Hands Up!” which was released on the Wakaan Label.

The collaboration is promising with both experimental sounds and dubstep noises. A mixture of Peekaboo’s sounds and Calcium’s was done meticulously. After playing it back numerous times, “Hands Up!” continues to be a heater of a track to say the least. The track is bound to be a staple for 2019, as I’m sure every bass-heavy artist will rinse it; which I’m not against at all.

Photo taken off Peekaboo’s Facebook

After first hearing about the collaboration in the works, I didn’t exactly know what to expect; so I went in not really knowing what to think. Nonetheless, the collaboration turned out to be a success. Stepping out of your boundaries to collaborate with another artist is what art in all forms is about. You never really know if your next experiment may lead to something greater.

Picture taken by Nathen Lane

Be sure to check out the track below to hear it for yourself.

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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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