Article written by Nathen Lane

12th Planet released his well-awaited 6-track EP, Swamplex ExtraTerrestrial, over the weekend though Disciple Records.

Photo taken by Sam Hickey

Many supporters of the don himself had heard some of these tracks rinsed out over the summer during prime-time festival season. From hearing them myself on his most recent tour, to hearing him open up with one of the tracks at Electric Forest; it’s without question that we had been waiting for these songs to be released. With bone-chilling womps and 12th’s signature sound design, the EP is full of heaters back-to-back.

The first track off the EP is his track, “Majestic 12.” I had heard John (12th Planet) open up with this on his recent tour that came through Austin, Texas a few months back, along with him playing this at Electric Forest. Every time I’d hear this track, the crowd (including myself) would go absolutely bonkers. It is full of constant rail-breaking, neck-breaking beats that I promise you will not be able to keep standing still to. “Majestic 12,” is easily one of my if not my favorite tracks off of the EP.

The next track on the EP is his track, “Deadshot,” featuring Vulgatron. The track starts off eerie, as if you were picturing yourself going through an expedition, only to be met with the Swamplex ExtraTerrestrial. 12th Planet created a monstrous track with Vulgatron. Massive womps and high-pitched dubstep noises are blended with Vulgatron’s vocals to create a song that is promising to have you turn to the person next to you and say, “Holy sh*t.”

Photo taken by Sam Hickey

The third track off the 6-track EP is his track, “Skiddim.” The intro starts off calm and melodic; full of ambient dubstep noises to fill your ears. As you are led on this journey through the track, the drop consists of a mixture of experimental wubs and the don’s signature sound. I like this track as I feel 12th blended two sub-genres together; stepping out of his boundaries making this one. I can see John trying to step out of his boundaries more and more, trying to see what he really likes; and I’m all for it.

The next track off the EP is a collaboration with Monxx called, “Ribbit.” The song is full of wonky riddim and heavy dubstep from both artists; along with a frog sample to create you the wonkiest track on the EP. I like this collaboration, as you can hear the mixture of both artists sounds in this track; along with both of their styles in bass music. I think the frog sample throughout the track is actually quite interesting, as it really got my attention. The build-ups in the tracks create this anxious feeling; eager to hear what the drop is all about.

The fifth track off the EP is actually a remix by Oolacile on 12th’s track, “Swamplex Terrestrial.” The remix has a longer build-up, led by Oolacile’s stapled sound in bass music. With 4 drops in the song, Oolacile has created a massive remix.

The last track off the EP (but certainly not least), is yet another remix by the artist named Draeden; of 12ths song, “Let It Bang,” featuring Mac TurnUp. I really enjoy the intro, as it starts off with piano keys, followed by a mixture of eerie hums and heavy bass kicks. The build-up has Mac’s vocals that prepare you to break the rail. I love tracks like this; tracks that take you on a journey of emotions and nostalgic similarities to older dubstep music.

Overral, I think the, “Swamplex Extra-Terrestrial,” EP is a 6-track compilation to preview. Every track on the EP really got my attention, along with taking me on a journey with every song. I can start to see John start adventuring and exploring mixing other genres of music, and I’m all for it.

Be sure to check out the massive 6track EP down below to see what you think for yourself!

12th Planet

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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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