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The well-sought after Halloweenthemed festival has returned to Houston with yet another action-packed, lineup. There are a ton of artists to check out on the lineup this year; with Ganja White Night releasing their album, to adding more hardstyle/happy hardcore like Coone and Lil Texas, Freaky Deaky Texas has most certainly diversified this year on this lineup.

Photo by Andrew Murillo

There are artists to check out on every stage for both days of the festival. From when the gates open, to when the gates close to end the day, Freaky Deaky is going to keep you dancing and wobbling all night long. There are five stages both days of the festival. The five stages are, The Shrine, The Crypt, The Big Top, Haunted Hollow, and The Rising Stage. Every stage has a unique set of artists, directed to a sub-genre of electronic music; so I’m more than sure you’ll be able to find someone new you’ll love, or find an artist you have been listening to, only to see them crush it once more.

There are 5 artists I recommend seeing for both days of Freaky Deaky Festival. To top off Saturday, the first day (in no particular order), I highly recommend visiting Fisher’s 2-hour sunset set (6:25-8:25 PM) at The Shrine stage to go “von deeper” and really dance the night away to some iconic tech-house; eager to keep losing it after every track. The second artist I recommend seeing on the first day of Freaky Deaky is TVBOO to start it off when gates open. Besides his weekly amusing, “TVBOO Talks,” he has some heaters up his sleeve; including his recent double drop that be hittin’ the crowd different, Wook Worm x Griztronics (Wakaan Festival 2019). The next artist I highly recommend seeing is Lane 8 at The Big Top stage (10-12 PM-AM). Lane 8 had his recent release, “Sunday Song,” that really grabbed me, on top of all of his other tracks that will keep you on cruise control to end the evening. Next, I recommend seeing Delta Heavy at the Haunted Hollow stage (10-11 PM). I personally am SO excited to catch this set. The iconic duo have been around for years and years; only to continue being in their prime, track after track. Delta Heavy keeps showing us what they are made of, and I’m all for bringing out my dancing shoes and the sense of nostalgia from when I had first listened to Delta Heavy nearly 7 years ago. Next, we have Madhatter on The Rising stage (5-6 PM). The stage is full with well-known locals from all around. Madhatter is full of surprises in his sets; along with being very versatile in his track selection. Residing in Austin, Texas, Madhatter is ready to come and play a crazy set for you guys.

Photo by Andrew Murillo

The last day of Freaky Deaky has a ton of artists I recommend seeing throughout your Sunday Funday. The first artist I recommend is Cosmic Gate at The Shrine stage (3:55-4:30 PM). With trance roots that go way back, the legendary duo are stopping by Freaky Deaky upon their 2019 Tour to play some iconic trance for anyone looking to dance the night away and to have a great time with old and new friends. The next artist I recommend checking out is Ganja White Night at The Crypt stage (10-11 PM). Ganja White Night actually released their new album, “The One,” just days before the festival; in which I’m sure will be played out. I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready to wobble around The Crypt stage to their set.

from Ganja White Night Facebook

The next artist I think you should preview is AC Slater at The Big Top stage (9-10 PM) because well, who doesn’t love some NightBass beats by the man himself? With wubz that will touch the soul and hit your feet, AC Slater will take you on a ride through the night from start to finish. The next artist I recommend seeing on the last day of Freaky Deaky is Lil Texas at the Haunted Hollow stage (10-11 PM). With happy hardcore seeping through his veins, Lil Texas will keep you on your toes with his hard-hitting, 600 BPM tracks. Lil Texas has blown up over the year and really made a name for himself, and I think if you love happy hardcore, then Lil Texas is the one for you to check out this weekend. Finally, I think you should see is Dessigner Toys at The Rising stage (5-6 PM). Dessigner Toys are out of Dallas, Texas, ready to show you guys what he is made of. With playing shows alongside artists like Rusko and many more, Dessigner Toys is promising to keep you moving throughout his set; whether you’ll be headbanging, or dancing.

Overall, I’m so excited for Freaky Deaky this year. There is a vast variety of artists on the lineup, hitting many sub-genres of electronic music. There is someone on the lineup that everyone will be interesting in seeing and if you don’t know anyone on there, then there is someone I’m sure you’ll find yourself in love with.

TRILLVO hits Freaky Deaky for another year of coverage; so be on the lookout for our review after the festival is over!

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