LA based producer Ducky, known for dropping heavy bangers intertwined with uplifting melodic tunes, has released her latest EP, Optimism. The four track masterpiece gives her listeners an authentic look at her creative process in the studio. The EP altogether shares the perception that taking leaps in your love life can be a decision you won’t regret. She explains on her social media accounts how this EP embodies the decision of saying “fuck it, I believe that I can grow with them. I believe that this time could be different…that it could lead to something new, something blissful, something worth risking my heart for.”

Photo taken from Facebook

She starts with “The Only One” which envisions the daydream that is having butterflies in your stomach when you begin to actually know someone. The song incorporates her signature happy hardcore sounds and mixes exhilarating and experimental drops.

Both “Glue” and “Stable Heart,” conceptualizes putting behind your intimacy issues and allowing yourself to open up as a way to heal yourself. “Glue” stirs together her melodic beats into a buildup that sounds like you just stepped into a world of anime. “Stable Heart” blends some d’n’b hits with heavy underground rave sounds. 

Cover art for “Stable Heart”, taken from Facebook

Her final song “My Flower, Your Garden” produces a rush in adrenaline that makes you want to dance in celebration of keeping hope for true intimacy and finding someone worth your time, which sums up her vision for this EP. Listen to Optimism now by clicking the Soundcloud link below or click here to view all streaming portals!


Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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