Sina Watson

Its been 3 years since Justin Jay and his best friends came together to form one of the funkiest electronic bands in the scene and what better way to celebrate friendship than a compilation celebration.

“Fantastic Voyage,” is exactly as its name implies, a fantastic voyage of sounds, friends, fun, and tunes. Focusing on inclusion instead of exclusion, depending on the day, this band can range from four-to-seven-pieces. In many ways it doesn’t make sense, a tech-house producer, drummer, guitarist, ukulele, and sometimes a trumpeter, saxophone and bass, but when they all come together the sound is fantastic. While Justin was focusing on producing house and techno, his roommates and friends worked on their live music. It all began with his roommate Taylor’s guitarist Benny Bridges, at a frat party. What started out as friends just hanging out and jamming together eventually lead to a full length LP titled, Fantastic Voyage.


The 3 year anniversary compilation features tracks from the our favorite fantastic voyagers, Benny Bridges, Danny Goliger, Henry Was, Sam von Horn and Thumpasaurus, with new comers Jay Lee and George Sandler. Both Jay and George met Justin in Middle school and this will be their first song to date!


The first track off the album, ‘824 Curson Ave,’ titled after the address of the house Justin and his roommates lived. It is only fitting the album begins where they shared everything from sleep, music, parties and more. Curson Ave was no stranger to house parties where Djs took solace in being able to play tracks that were too weird and quirky for big clubs and festivals.

Everyone can be a part of this journey because music is always better with friends instead of alone. Prepare to set sail on another Fantastic Voyage with Justin and his friends!

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