Written by: Michael Placencia

Monstercat legend himself, Notaker, just dropped this massively impactful track, “From Dust & Ashes” upon us. Although having a nice quiet start, it begins to progress until blooming into Eric Prydz‘ style fashion. The structure of this track is a very good representation of a journey to outer space and beyond. From lift off, to the discovery and landing onto a new planet. The scintillating synths create a beautiful flurry of traversal amongst the stars, as you travel at hyper speed through a vast sea of cosmic beauty. The track comes to a very ethereal break, with a single piano note, until building up to its grand spectacle.


“From Dust & Ashes” blazes full speed ahead in its second drop, as it propels you to the new world you just discovered. The song ends as soft as it began, but the effect it leaves you with is wondrous. You feel as if you accomplished something after hearing this track. As if you went on your own voyage into the void. Notaker is well-known for giving us tracks like these, and we become more grateful every time we hear something new from this talented artist. He’s one of the most underrated in our opinion, but we’re hoping that will change with music like this being released by him. We’re looking forward to the next journey Notaker takes us on, and we hope you’ll come along for the ride too.

For more Notaker, follow him on his socials:

Soundcloud|Official Website|Spotify|Twitter|Instagram|YouTube



Posted by:michaelplacencia

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