Written by Erik Gonzales

If you have never listened to KANDY before, I highly suggest diving into his music ASAP. Specifically his most recent single, “Let Me Down”, released on Thrive Music. The song sheds light on the idea of being cautious in opening up to someone, not because of trust but because you are allowing the possibility of being let down. KANDY, who does an amazing job at dipping into different styles, uses a combination of rhythmic pop, tropical house, and other infectious melodies to create this amazing track.

Photo taken from Facebook.

The long island producer, known for radiating Brooklyn warehouse party vibes throughout his music, has been showcasing his distinctive taste by trailblazing into the electronic pop scene within this past year. KANDY is becoming one of this years, and more than likely one of 2020’s artists that is quickly gaining success with every track he produces. “Let Me Down”, easily one of his most alluring songs yet, follows his other recent single, “Keeping Secrets” which even charted Billboard at #33. 

Though KANDY is an artist on the rise, many people such as myself are already excitedly waiting to see what else he has in store for the future! Do yourself a favor and listen to “Let Me Down” below! Or stream here.

Connect with KANDY
Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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