Photo and Article Written By Nathen Lane

Greg Jones, the iconic electronic producer also known as G Jones; has released yet another masterpiece on Illusory Records.

Photo taken by Nathen Lane

G Jones released the second track off his EP called, “Drift (Acid Mix).” This track was made meticulously. With acid-like noise and G Jones stapled sounds, it’s no doubt this is the path he wants to endure. I have seen G Jones a few times on his recent tour (Ineffable Tour) and this Drift mix continues to be one of my absolute favorites to hear live. The track makes me feel as if I’m in a video game; exploring some lost jungles, or cruising down the city, only to be met with my first challenger to stand in my way. The track is very melodic and calm for the most part; and I’m all for it. A lot of what G Jones direction was before was mind boggling, wave-forming, mind-f*cking music; including some of those collaborations with very talented artists such as Eprom. I can see where Greg is going in this new direction of sound and music, and it’s absolutely beautiful. Every song tells it’s own story, as you can see G Jones on stage feeding off the crowds happiness and shouts, track after track after track. G Jones has a fantastic fan base whom will constantly support his direction in music.

Photo taken by Nathen Lane

Be sure to check out the song down below if you haven’t heard the track yourself! It truly is a masterpiece.

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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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