Written By Corey Zielke

Image pulled from Zabo’s facebook page

Toronto based mid-tempo producer Dan Szabo, AKA ZABO, is a name you’ve probably been hearing more and more lately. With the rise of the industrial electronic and mid-tempo genres in artists like REZZ, Blanke, Lick, Swarm, and others, ZABO is quickly finding his place as another prolific name that defines the genre as a whole. Making his Texas debut later this week in Austin and then Houston, we thought it fitting to put the spotlight onto his newest release, “Apocalypse”, to get you acquainted.

“Apocalypse” starts off with ZABO‘s signature ambient, almost cinematic style soundscapes, and quickly starts to build the tension into the drop as he introduces the bass and percussion that drive the energy of the track. The mid-tempo genre thrives on interesting sound design and syncopation, and ZABO brings that in spades during the main bass line of this track, really highlighting his own unique sound design skills with his massive bass sounds. The energy fades away as we go into the bridge of the song, and the tension starts to build back up again very quickly as we head into the second drop of the song.

Jumping straight back into that energy we left behind before the bridge of the song, the second drop hits hard and heavy. The bass line contrasts the cinematic atmosphere of the rest of the track to create a true feeling of Apocalyptic terror, and the percussion drives the movement of the track forward to keep you moving all the way to the end of the song. ZABO‘s composition and sound design talents are on full display here.

photo from ZABO’s Facebook

As we mentioned before, ZABO is making his Texas debut later this week in Austin and Houston thanks to our friends over with Bass State, Blowup Musik, Baked Up, Glory of Dance Entertainment, and Kickstarterz Entertainment . These will be his 2nd and 3rd shows in the US ever!!! We want everyone to come out and see what he’s got to show us.



Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | The Zabo Pack

Posted by:Corey Zielke

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