Written by Erik Gonzalez

Dillon Nathaniel delivers us his best sound production yet with his new Do It Again EP. The two-tracks on the EP, released on Solardo’s Sola Records, presents a re-invention of his style and sound.

“This is the beginning of a new era” Dillon tweeted the day of the release. Both tracks, though different than what we’re used to hearing from him, still highlight his unique mastery in creating tech-house bangers with amazing dance-worthy baselines. The first track “Let Me Know,” uses vocal samples from the Bizarre Incs 90’s hit, “I’m Gonna Get You,” while the second track, “Do It Again,” follows this same vocal style and brings us his signature unconventional blend of house.

Photo taken from Dillon Nathaniel’s Facebook.

Dillon Nathaniel continues to hit us with these groovy melodic hits much like his recent successful EP, Obsessions, released a couple of months ago. The house producer, also an Icon Collective alumni, has also always been involved in music even as a child. His father introduced him to music like house, techno, and trance at a young age. Therefore it’s no surprise Dillon is surely impacting music production as we know it. Make sure to give his latest music a listen! It’s surely expected to be a hit on the dance floors sooner than later.


Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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