Written by Corey Zielke

Image pulled from NAZAAR’s Facebook page

“The evil eye is a curse or legend believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, usually given to a person when they are unaware. The idea expressed by the term causes many different cultures to pursue protective measures against it. The concept, and its significance, varies widely among different cultures but it is especially prominent in the middle east. In Pakistan, the evil eye is called NAZAAR and has many powerful qualities…YOU ARE ABOUT TO ENTER, EVILEYESZN.”

NAZAAR has dropped the first volume in his newest mix series, EVILEYESZN, and has brought with it his trademark blend of middle eastern inspired sounds and gut wrenching bass music. He has gifted us with half an hour of face numbing, mind melting tracks from some of his favorite artists. He also included some unreleased music from his upcoming EP, coming in 2020. “This series is an immersive experience tailored to those who have, or wanted to experience, a NAZAAR show. These mixes will showcase some of my favorite songs, a lot of underrated talent and a lot of ID’s from myself. ” NAZAAR has been on the rise all of 2019, and this mix solidifies his pace and gives us an idea of what to expect from the artist going into 2020.

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Posted by:Corey Zielke

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