Written by Sina Watson

Dj Will Clarke is finishing off another successful year with releases on Drumcode paired with some major announcements. He has decided to discontinue his beloved Barber Shop which many of us have grown to love over the years. While we’re sad we won’t have a chance to take a seat in the chair in the future, Will’s second announcement has us extremely excited!

Will Clarke will be launching his very own record label, All We Have is Now, with its first release scheduled for January 20th. Having his own label is something Will has wanted for a while, but just never felt like the time had been right until now. His new label will allow him as well as other artists to fully express themselves creatively with no external barriers. He touches on the importance of exploring melodies that really hit him and vocals that give him goosebumps.  The label’s message focuses on the premise of time and how all we really have is right now.

In addition to the label’s launching, Will is setting across the U.S for an open to close tour kicking off January 24, 2020 in San Francisco. Public on sale starts Friday November 22. Catch Will Clarke on his newest adventure in one of the cities below.

Will Clarke All We Have Is Now Tour

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Posted by:Sina Watson

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