Written by Sina Watson

It’s no secret that when Claude VonStroke and Green Velvet get together something special happens. Three years ago, these two house legends gave us “Mind Yo Bizness,” and we’ve been bumping it ever since. Their latest track “Jolean,” is no different. If you’ve caught a recent set from one of these two, you’ve probably heard it and had the lyrics stuck in your head. Playing on Green Velvet’s use of vocal personalities, and Claude’s quirky beats, “Jolean,” has been stealing hearts around the world since we were introduced to her in May at Movement Detroit. Catch Claude and Green Velvet playing Club Space December 3rd for a special 6-hour terrace set during Art Basel.

get real

Below is a message from Papa Bird himself about the track.

…Green Velvet and I worked really hard on this track and we had no idea what to expect because it doesn’t really sound like anything else.  

 The way it all happened is — Green Velvet sent me a vocal with 4 personalities and a hook-like Prince.  After that, I went through at least 30 basslines just trying to nail the groove for the vocal. Caj talked me off a ledge many times.  He is the best person to work with because he is so positive and inspiring. He gave me a lot of great notes like stripping back everything in the track until just the core groove works and then adding all the spices back in one by one.  His vocals are crazy and funky and we talked on the phone many, many times about how to get the track to work. I think I spent 15 hours just on the arpeggios but even though the track was hard to make, I think it turned out really cool. 

The first time we got to play it together was at Movement in Detroit. When I saw the full reaction, I knew we had something cooking. In the end, of course, it’s always up to you guys to decide if you like it. I just wanted to write about the track a little bit because I love working with Green Velvet and I think this track is special.” 

Love you guys,

Claude VonStroke

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