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Disciple Round Table has released a whopping 23-track album with some very talented artists in bass music such as Virtual Riot, Ivory, Barely Alive, and many more.

Photo Taken by Nathen Lane

Disciple Round Table has proven time and time again to show you exactly what the label is all about. Knights of the Round Table Vol. 3 has a plethora of artists you may know, along with more than a handful of artists many may not have heard before. I always love seeing new artists on the label; as they are all unique, along with bringing new people to discover and share with my friends.

There are a ton of artists across the label that have made some exquisite tracks off the album, but I wanted to mention a few that I really enjoyed.

The first track to grab my attention (in no particular order whatsoever) was Ivory‘s VIP of 93 Style. The original was released years ago under a different label, but the Round Table has since claimed the VIP as we know it. With Ivory’s stapled sound and rail-riding dubstep, 93 Style is nothing short of a massive track on this album. Ivory will be going on tour in the U.S. with Spag Heddy in which I HIGHLY recommend seeing; as that is Ivory’s American debut.

The next track that I really enjoyed was, “Mad Stacks” by Bandlez and Control Freak. The song has a well-balance between both iconic DJs sounds in bass music. This track had me on repeat, wanting to jump into the pit.

The third track that really got my attention was, “Lost It (VIP),” by Virtual Riot ft. Pearl Andersson. The first half of the track certainly would make anyone go hard in the yard, while the last half of the track switches up to what Valentin has done on some of his recent releases. With a melodic undertone and music that literally sounds pretty, Virtual Riot has been experimenting constantly on new styles and sounds; in which he has shown once more here.

The fourth track from Knights of the Round Table Volume 3 that I loved was, “Panik,” by Facesplit and Code: Pandorum. The song is full of heavy, gut-wrenching dubstep that would make any crowd split into the wall of death.

The last track I really enjoyed was, “Immortals,” by Bainbridge. It was nice to see a lot more new artists on the Round Table, and Bainbridge definitely got my attention. With high-pitched sounds and heavy headbanging drops, I’m excited for his upcoming releases and see where this direction takes him.

Photo Taken From Disciple’s Facebook

Overall, Disciple Round Table absolutely crushed this album/compilation. With heaters from legendary artists on all fronts and sound, Knights of the Round Table Volume 3 is one to take a listen to from start to finish. Throughout the 23 tracks in the album, you’ll get a taste of fresh new tunes that’ll be sure to keep you on the dance floor.. or the rail.

Disciple Records have started their Kingdom Tour, making stops through Houston and Dallas. Check out the dates below to see if they stop in your city.

Photo Taken from Disciples Facebook

Be sure to check out the album down below and see what The Round Table is all about

Disciple Round Table

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