Written by Erik Gonzalez

Mat Zo, founder of MadZoo label, has partnered up with UKF Records for his newest single, “Games.” The track, alongside 37 other songs/artists, will be featured on the UKF10 compilation that is set to release Nov. 29. Below is a video of his most recent set in LA shot through UKF On Air. He starts off his show with his single and even plays some unreleased music throughout the set. Click to watch him perform “Games” live! (Song goes from :00-2:40)

The multi-talented DJ, also part of Anjunabeats, is a master at creating catchy auditory elements through his audio production. Over a month ago, Mat Zo delivered us his mind-bending tune “Emotion Sickness,” which evokes both hyperactive and melancholic melodies. “Games” on the other hand does the exact opposite!

The song is mixed with pitch-perfect vocals and an array of musical instruments similarly played in Latin songs. From a piano, to a horn, to hand-drums, “Games” grooves up a sophisticated breakbeat design manipulated with Latin and DnB. With this in mind, it’s no surprise Zo himself is an artist open to a wide range of styles and diversifying his sound design, one of the many reasons why we love him! We’re excited to see what other “Games” he’s got hiding from us in the future. Listen to the track below via SoundCloud if you haven’t! Click here to view all streaming portals.

Connect with MAT ZO
Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Website

Posted by:Erik Gonzalez


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