Written by Sina Watson

Mike Inzano, better known as INZO, is a 25 year old musician based in Chicago that continues to push the bounds of ‘future’ electronic music production through his creation of unique and beautiful sounds. Discovering his passion for music early on he began playing piano at the young age of 4 and is classical trained. Drawing on his emotions and inspiration from Porter Robinson, Flume, M83, Griz,  and Hans Zimmer, INZO stuns the electronic scene with his fusion of remarkable messaging and meaningful music.

Photo from INZO Facebook

When I first heard Inzo’s “Overthinker” last year I knew I was listening to something special. His use of Alan Watt’s powerful messaging laced with an uplifting melody left me speechless. Inzo’s latest track “Angst,” continues to play on the concept of being stuck inside your own head as he feels that its an important message to get across in this generation.

Once again using an Alan Watt‘s sample, “Angst,” begins with the lyrics, “All that you see in front of you is how you fell inside your head,” before diving into the drop.  What happens next is a beautiful explosion of sounds that sends the listener floating through time and space before heading back into reality and the song’s message on anxiety. My favorite line from the track is, “No amount of anxiety makes any difference to anything that’s going to happen.” As someone who struggles from fear and anxiety, “Angst,” has wonderfully calming feel to it. INZO’s music paired with Alan’s vocals create a sense of order within the chaos inside your head during the three and a half minute track.

Both “Overthinker” and “Angst,” have overarching themes of being inside your head, something that many of us including myself suffer and can relate to. As the importance of mental health in music industry becomes more prevalent, I asked Mike if he had any comments. Mike opened up that he sees a therapist every so often…

“I get why many people would have mental health issues no matter what industry you’re in. But the music industry as an artist is crazy and not what I ever imagined it to be. It is a rough life”

As an artist, he stresses the importance of staying away from the toxicity of social media.  His advice is that everything in small doses is fine but it will distort your reality when it becomes everything.

INZO has had an incredible year of touring opening up for artists such as Adventure Club and Whethan, and had the chance to play the inaugural Wakaan Music Festival. If you’re still trying to catch him this decade, he will be playing his last few tour dates of 2019 with LSDream, Shlump, and Kaivon.

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Posted by:Sina Watson

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