Written by: Michael Placencia

i_o is back yet again for another fist-pumping EP. Except this EP will make you do a lot more than just that. Recently, i_o announced Project 444, which we can only assume will be a series of three separate EPs comprised of four songs each. The first of which, is Acid 444. And although this is only the first, it’s already going to be hard to beat. Being a very big fan of the Acid Techno genre, I was eagerly awaiting this EP. And it doesn’t disappoint.

Acid 444
Photo Credit: edmtunes.com

“Kill Process” catapults us straight into the acid, as pounding kicks and drums are fused with that classic laser-shooting sound. The payoff is a welcome mix of Acid Techno and kick-heavy goodness. The break of beautiful deadmau5-like progressive chords make for a nice buildup to the second drop. Admittedly, this is actually my least favorite of all four tracks. It’s still satisfying to listen to, but the next three tracks that follow are even better. “Rave 444” is the track that will make you go crazy with hype. If you loved “Blood Rave” from the movie Blade, you’re gonna love this track. This is the epitome of what Acid Techno is, and it’s been on repeat ever since buying this EP.

Acid 444 Tour
Haven’t seen i_o yet? Here’s a list of cities you can catch him touring at

Another instant classic is “Replicate.” Easily the other star of this EP. If Acid Trance is a thing, then this is it. The track starts off with a pulsing beat and develops into a darker type of Trance, with elements of Psytrance present as well. The buildup is by far one of the most epic I’ve heard in a Trance song, and the drop is even better. Acid and Trance become one, and it sounds glorious. Finally, “System Error” closes out the EP on a fist-pumping, kick-heavy, shuffle-encouraging darker note, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The single sample with a woman’s voice saying, “This whole thing is wrong, this whole system…” and then the drop crashing right after that will make you go wild.

Despite one slightly weaker track in the bunch, Acid 444 absolutely delivered and fired on all cylinders. i_o’s Project 444 is off to a great start, and we’re impatiently awaiting the next chapter of this enticing piece of work.

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