Written by: Michael Placencia and Chase Wilson

Alas, we’ve reached the end. After years of so many unforgettable tracks, Xwire is retiring from the realm of music. At least, as this persona. Whether a new alias arises is yet to be seen. But for now, this final track is the last we’ll ever hear from Xwire. What makes this track even more meaningful is that it includes Mael. One of Xwire’s best friends in real life, as well as partner in crime when it comes to doing a collab with one another. While we never thought we’d be saying this, Xwire & Mael’s final track together is now here, and it hits hard in the greatest of ways.

Zima Blue
Cover Art by: Xavier Diaz

Met with an ominous bell, followed by a beautiful opening vocal and accompanying background sound, “Zima Blue” greets us with some immersive beauty, and heavy drops. The 8bit sounds really give those hard-hitting tones just enough depth to take you through a journey of enticing wonder. You’ll be surprised, or maybe even inspired by the various types of sounds they managed to use in order to add gravitas to the track. The drop is definitely something heavy, with the octaves lowering to create that demonic-like sound. It then immediately gets hit by a reverse-switch and launches headfirst down into one of the HARDEST (and original) pair of drops we’ve heard this year. If you’ve followed both of these talented artists over the years, you’ll easily be able to tell who lended their musical prowess to certain parts of this track. It’s more than impressive to say the least.

It’s a rough journey, but one that leads to a beautiful ending. “Zima Blue” is a track that’s more than fitting for Xwire’s farewell. While we may never see another track from Xwire ever again, we’re looking forward to whatever Xavier Diaz decides to do with music in the future. Farewell Xwire, and thank you for the beautifully addicting music you gave to us.

For more Xwire and Mael, follow them on their socials below. Also, if you donate to the AFSP, you can obtain “Zima Blue” as a free download. Be sure to hit up Xwire for more details.

Xwire’s Soundcloud|Xwire’s Instagram|Xwire’s Facebook

Mael’s Soundcloud|Mael’s Facebook|Mael’s Instagram


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