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One of the most widely-respected electronic artists, who goes by the name G Jones, has just released his 5-track EP called, Tangential Zones, off of Illusory Records.

Even though G Jones decided to release a few tracks off the EP as singles leading up to the release, the EP as a whole surfaced some other hidden gems among many that I was very excited to listen to. With Tangential Zones just being released, along with his announcement to be back at Electric Forest for 2020, his supporters have been reminiscing on what was, and what is to come.

Photo taken by Nathen Lane

The first track off the 5-track EP was a gem I was hoping to be released soon called “Immortal Light.” The song starts off very eerie; full with what would be similar to white noise that fills your ears; only to be started by a light snare you often hear throughout G Jones’ music. The noise is then put to an abrupt halt as the rest of the song sweeps you right off your feet with a mixture of high-pitched screeches and electrifying build-ups, eager to keep you wanting more. This is easily one of my favorite tracks G Jones has ever put out. Hearing this song in a concert setting has to be one of the biggest goose bump-making, bone-chilling feelings I’ve experienced through the power of music. Words aren’t the only connection one can make through the power of sounds blended together; and this track proves it.

The next track off the Tangential Zones EP is called, “Dark Artifact.” The song was released as a single weeks ago; along with being a part of the EP. “Dark Artifact” gets dark, while still having the listener, “see the light at the end of the tunnel.” The song takes you on a journey through time and space as you get knocked right off your feet as the last drops commences to the end of the track. “Dark Artifact” was yet another gem I was very excited to have released.

Photo taken by Nathen Lane

The third track off the EP is called, “Dream Fatigue.” I’ve noticed each of these songs have been played in his recent live shows; with absolutely mind-boggling visuals. With 808’s and acid-bending sounds, G Jones has surely shown us what this EP is all about; and I’m all for it. Each track so far has been a new favorite of mine to close out the decade. “Dream Fatigue” was made meticulously, with such noises to bend your vision in the right situations, and make you turn to your friend sitting next to you and go, “Holy Sh*t.”

The fourth track off the Tangential Zones EP is called, “See Right Through.” The track includes a lovely voice by some woman saying, ” my senses increased a thousand fold, and began to see things I had never noticed before,” to then be met with an array of sounds G Jones has shown throughout the EP. Track after track, Greg Jones continues to prove why his music speaks so much volume.

The final track off the EP is called, “Drift (Acid Mix),” by G Jones. This track was also released as a single before making a reappearance on the Tangential Zones EP. Yet another slapper, G Jones blends very melodic undertones with high-anticipating build-ups; to be met with a very unique drop of sounds Greg has shown throughout the EP. It’s so hard to actually pick a favorite track off the whole EP as they’re all unique in their own ways; making them all stand out in their own ways.

Photo taken by Nathen Lane

Overall, G Jones did a marvelous job on the whole EP. There wasn’t one thing I didn’t like about the structure of each song. Tangential Zones had a selection of songs that have been sweeping the masses whenever G Jones would play them live. This EP will be one I have on repeat until the end of time, as I HIGHLY suggest taking a listen for yourself.

G Jones

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