Hailing from Miami, Florida comes THROWDOWN with his latest release on Disciple Round Table.

from THROWDOWN’s Twitter

You may have recognized the name… He also has another release on DRT, on the Knights of the Roundtable Vol. 3, a collab with JAYCEEOH titled ‘Hallelujah’. THROWDOWN has been on the come up for quite some time, having heavy support from Riot Ten, Disciple Records, playing Imagine Music Festival, THROWNDOWN is definitely someone you need to know about. ‘Strapped Up’ truly shows what THROWDOWN is about and is ending the 2019 year with a BANG!

Imagine Music Festival 2019, from THROWDOWN’s Twitter

The EP highlights everything about THROWDOWN and his heavy sound. The first track is exactly what the title indicates… issa Heater. This track starts off with ominous chords and strings building up to the drop. This track is HYPE with the screeches in the drop that bring you back to life. Do or Die brings out the more heavier side of THROWDOWN. Filled with sounds and rhythms that just make you headbang until your neck breaks. The self titled track Strapped Up slows things down a bit with an electric guitar intro and through out the track. The track builds up to riveting drops and throws you into a whirlwind of his unique sound.

The EP is fitting to the Disciple Round Table sound and really showcases what THROWDOWN has to offer. We at TRILLVO hope to hear so much more from him and he’s gonna be on our who to watch for in 2020!


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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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