Written by Erik Gonzalez

Angelic Root (real name Kody Jones) has just released his latest EP, titled Motion, on Truth’s Deep, Dark and Dangerous label. After many years of releasing music, this 4-track EP,  beautifully refines his style by merging together his usual earthy sounds with a distinguished approach that showcases his ability to create bass-heavy energy. The first track, “Motion,” uses long eerie pauses to create an amazing build up of dark tension for his listeners. He sets the tone on this song by surging together surreal beats to create a hypnotic stream of bass layered with smooth transitions.

angelic root 2Photo taken from Facebook.

Both the second and third track, “Shimmer” and “Testing Sound,” take it up a notch by drawing attention to his heavy wubs. Within these two songs, Angelic Root transitions his EP with a higher use of softened reggae-influenced sounds that work amazing with his heavy alien-like baseline. The last song, “Salutation” is, in my opinion, easily one of his best tracks to date because it’s very similar to his older work and simultaneously combines the different elements he uses within the other songs on this EP. This track shows Angelic Root’s ability to incorporate his experimental sound to his builds and overall production while still sharing a heavier style with ragga sounds.

Photo taken from Facebook

Each track on this EP presents his ability of moving away from the reliance of heavy drops in order to give his listeners a more distinctive experience formed by his love for bass music. Though we expect Angelic Root to continue to grow in popularity, his music seems like it is going to stay resonating to this classic underground style we highly appreciate. Click here to view all streaming portals or listen now through the Soundcloud link below!



Connect with Angelic Root

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Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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